Money Heist Instagram Effect Project File


Get your hands on the project file of the most popular Money Heist Effect on Instagram.

This Instagram effect so far has generated 18.6+ million impressionsopened 5+ million times, captured 2.1+ million times, saved 101k+ times and shared 92k+ times.

If you have the Instagram app installed on your mobile device, you can try the effect here.

Spark AR is a tool that helps you create effects and filters for Facebook and Instagram. However, it can be a challenging tool to learn, especially for beginners.

I am offering this well-organized project file with a 15-page PDF documentation to you that guilds you to create your very own Instagram effect similar to the one above.

The PDF documentation comprises multiple screenshots and a step-by-step guide helping you replace only the essential assets.

The purpose of this documentation is to essentially let you create your Instagram effect as fast as possible and with as little effort as possible. I did not want beginners to get lost in the deep ether of Spark AR.

After purchasing this project file and going through the easy-to-follow PDF, you will get your Instagram effect live in no time.

You can get it now for just $10

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Project File + PDF Documentation

8.99 MB
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